Marshal in Charge: Sir Bryce de Byrum.


Sheep Steal

This is a regular rapier activity. One side will be the Vikings and the other the Spanish villagers. The sheep steal is a melee activity with teams on two sides, a row of sheep in the middle; the ultimate goal is to fill your pen with the most sheep before the time runs out. The pens are the res points. If all of the sheep are in a pen before time runs out you must attempt to defend those sheep for five minutes. The pens are the res points. Resurrection will be determined on the day of the event.

A pen can be defended by as many individuals as you choose but you must be approximately 6 feet from the pen when defending as to not frighten the sheep.

There is no running, fast brisk walk is allowed.

You may carry one sheep and one sword of your choice at a time.

If your sheep is struck you are dead.

If you are killed while carrying a sheep the sheep must start grazing where you were killed.

You can continue to take the sheep towards your pen if you do not have a limb for a sword.

You may knee-walk a sheep toward the pen.

If the arm with the sheep is struck you may transfer the sheep to the other arm but you have no weapon.

You may have one person on a team who is an Uber Shepherd,  they may carry two sheep at a time and no weapon. If an Uber Shepard picks up a weapon that team loses its Uber Shepard for that round.

If an Uber Shepard loses an arm they may continue carrying only one sheep for that entire round till they are killed and resurrected.

You may pass sheep between teammates.

After blow tournament

The after-blows tournament is the counting of a secondary hit from an opponent. An example would be you hit an opponent in their arm then immediately after your opponent strikes you in the chest. The attack with the strike to the chest is the more fatal of the two blows and your opponent while wounded gets the win.

This will also work with non-fatal if you strike your opponent on the right arm and immediately after your opponent strikes your left arm you both lose the respective arms.

The after-blow changes the dynamic of the fight to a more realistic fight.

This tournament will need two judges to watch for after blows and make sure the second blow is an immediate strike and not a delayed attack.

If time allows we may do a black sword tournament also depending on people.

If we have a smaller group of fighters we may forgo any of the above for a bear pit-style fight

Armored Fighting

Mol Opens / Authorizations
(Assume we will start Authorization 30 minutes after MOL opens and the fighting one hour after MOL Opens).

Note: All Scenarios are subject to change based on attendance. Scenarios will be designed with the surveyor’s spray paint and flags for safety and flexibility.

Never Won A Tourney Tournament  –

Open to anyone who has never won any type of SCA tourney, including melee tournaments. Fought Atlantian Speed, Double Elim.

Ship to Shore Battle – (Limited Front Resurrection, Timed Battle – 10 Minutes):

The Vikings begin aboard the ship and must face the Spaniards on the Beachhead. Vikings resurrect at their Ship (unlimited). Spaniards begin on the beach and resurrect behind the Gate. (Limited to Three Resurrections) After driving the Spaniards back to the City Gate the Vikings must grab the bags of Loot and return them to their Ship to win. If the Defenders hold on to the loot for 10 minutes the scenario will end.

Ship to Ship Combat: (3 Battles, To The Last Man) – 

The Spanish fleet meets the Viking Raids at Sea. Combat will be fought from two ships connected by gangplanks with the goal of taking the other side’s ship. You die when you step off a gangplank into the ocean, are pushed overboard or die to a telling blow.
Weapons Restrictions:
First Battle – Sword and Shield or Single-Handed Weapons Only.
Second Battle -No Weapons over seven feet.
Third Battle – Single Handed Weapons Only.

Holmgang Tourney:

Single Elimination Tourney. Victory Conditions: Death occurs by Telling Blow, stepping off the Bearskin, or being pushed off.

River Escape Battle: (Limited Front Resurrection, Timed Battle – 10 Minutes)  –  

The Vikings must escape upriver with their Loot opposed by the Spanish. Spanish Defenders will be positions at bends in the river. Viking will resurrect at the start of the river, Spaniards when killed will fall back to the sea shore to resurrect. The Viking must place their Loot safely aboard their ship to win and escape Spain.

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