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In the early 8th Century, Spain was controlled by the Muslims, and Seville was considered protected since it was so far inland (100km). Many of the al-Andalus Emirates wealth was stored there despite having no fortifications.

In 844, led by Bjorn Ironsides, 54 Viking longboats rowed up the Guadalquivir River and devastated the city of Seville. For three days they plundered, stealing riches and slaves as the people fled. Abd al-
Rhaman II, called for reinforcement and led the counterattack on the Vikings. The calvary slayed many Vikings and forced their retreat.
Because of this devastating raid, Abd al-
Rhaman and the city of Seville spent the next decade building up their defenses and created a turning point for the entire Emirate by creating their own Navy, building larger more fortified ships.


Fourteen years later, in 859, the Vikings returned to the coast of Spain, but this time the Moorish Navy met them of of Lisbon and interrupted their plans to return to Seville. Rather than turn back, the Viking switched gears and went past Seville to Algeciras burning and pillaging until chased of once more by the Navy. The went to the south of France, the Camargue Delta. They stayed there through the winter, and then in the spring went on the move, raiding Mallorca. The navy, now led by Muhammad I, caught up with them after the left. Instead of heading out to sea as the Moors expected, the instead sailed up the Ebro River where the bigger ships could not follow. The eventually reached Pamplona, pillaging and capturing before carrying their ships to the Bay of Biscay and triumphantly returning with treasure and slaves. 

Site Location

Halifax County 4-H

Rural Life Center

13763 Highway 903
Halifax, NC 27839

Site Restrictions: There is no alcohol. Service animals only. Above-ground fire pits are allowed.


Arts and Sciences

Make something that the Vikings might have raided from 8th Century Seville.

Scroll Blanks
inspired by the Vikings or the Spanish Moors.

War Bardic
Write a song, poem or story inspired by the Vikings attacking Seville.

More details TBD


Feast Menu

Sadly FEAST has been CANCELLED

There will be a Day Board

More details on Day-Board TBD


Fighting Scenarios

Potential Boat Wars

Heavy Weapon



More details TBD


Reservations and Points of Contacts

Contact the Reservationist, Autocrat, Reach out to the Marshals, Trolls, etc. 


Happy Raiding!

Swamp Wars

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